Yesterday we posted about sponsored posts on Instagram and identified ways advertisers deceptively promote their products to your child on Instagram, today we are looking at the more overt form of advertising on Instagram. In June this year Instagram rolled out its paid advertising service. This service allows businesses to pay Instagram for their content to feature in the newsfeeds of Instagram users. Vivid Sydney, Kathmandu and Crown Resorts were some of the first organisations to sign up to the service. Any company with sufficient funds has the ability to advertise on Instagram, therefore there is a whole range of advertisements your child is exposed to. Brands such as Smirnoff and McDonalds have both advertised on Instagram in the past.

Whilst scrolling though my newsfeed this morning I came across this advertisement:


As you can see, this is an advertisement for a photoshopping app, where the company have paid Instagram to feature their post in the newsfeeds or Instagram users. The advertisement could easily appear in your child’s newsfeed as well. The ad encourages users to download the app so that they will be able to alter and Photoshop their images before publishing then on Instagram. What are your thoughts on an advertisement like this appearing on your child’s newsfeed?


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