Reputation Matters!

Everything you do, say and post online is all part of your digital reputation.

The concept of a digital reputation includes:

  • Content your child has posted online
  • Content your child has liked, shared or commented on
  • Users your child interacts with online
  • Content that your child has been tagged in à this is the most difficult aspect of digital reputation has users have NO CONTROL over content other users tag them in

Many children, and adults, are unaware of the permanency of their digital reputation, and the impact that it can have on their future. Information that has been posted online is extremely difficult to remove, and also incredibly easy for others to share.

There are a number of ways in which you can help your child manage their digital reputation

  • Encourage them to STOP and THINK before they post
  • Ensure their account is set to PRIVATE and continue to monitor this in case they change their settings without you knowing
  • Regularly check what your child is posting to their Instagram page, as well as posts they have been tagged in
  • Check their Direct Messenger Feed
  • Talk to your child about the permanency of the Internet and the ease with which others can share what they have posted
  • Encourage your child to talk with you about what they are seeing online, it is important that they feel comfortable approaching you if they do see something which troubles them
  • LIMIT the time your child is allowed to access Instagram, and ensure they only ever use it when you are able to closely supervise them, do not let them browse Instagram alone in their room
  • Tell your child you are monitoring their page, they are less likely to post something inappropriate if they know you have direct access to their page and are regularly checking it

The Australian Government’s eSafety Commissioner’s Office produced this short video which can help explain to your child the importance of managing your digital reputation, and they ways in which it can impact their future.


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